Volunteering With The Silverlining Charity

There are numerous volunteer opportunities within the Silverlining Charity to support lives affected by brain injury. Whether you enjoy working directly with our service users, running fundraisers, running activities or being more behind the scenes, The Silverlining Charity will find a volunteer role for you.

Why Volunteer With The Silverlining Charity?

  • Meet New People
  • Spend Quality Time Away From Work
  • Be Healthier and Happier
  • Gain Valuable Experience
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Give Something Back
  • Gain New Skills

What Our Volunteers Say

“Volunteering is something great to do! Coming from a media background I wanted to help out at the Silverlining as way of transferring my work skills into another area whilst doing something useful to help others! It sounds a cliché but it really is rewarding and there’s nothing like bonding with a team when you are working together to achieve something worthwhile! The Silverlining gave me a new focus and a new perspective, and as well as putting in some work I get to be part of some great events as well as doing different things. The team were very open to my suggestions and I am learning new skills. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with time that they want to put to good use!”

Voluntary Roles We Are Currently Recruiting For

Fundraising Trustee

Location: Access To Weybridge

Commitment: 4 + Hours Per Week

Suited To: Altruistic Fundraisers

Local Coordinator

Location: London

Commitment: 3 + Hours Per Week

Suited To: Medical Professionals

Local Coordinator

Location: Bath and Bristol

Commitment: 3 + Hours Per Week

Suited To: Medical Professionals

Volunteer Recruitment

Location: Flexible/Remotely

Commitment: 4 + Hours Per Week

Suited To: Budding Recruiters

Local Marketing And PR

Location: Guildford

Commitment: Flexible

Suited To: Good Networkers

Social Media Assitant

Location: Flexible/Remote

Commitment: 5 + Hours Per Week

Suited To: Budding Marketeers


Location: Flexible

Commitment: Flexible

Suited To: Passionate Researchers

Local Marketing And PR

Location: Oxford

Commitment: Flexible

Suited To: Good Networkers

Silver Spoons Facilitator

Location: Central London

Commitment: 5 Hours Per Month

Suited To: Friendly Organisers

Local Marketing And PR

Location: Cardiff

Commitment: Flexible

Suited To: Good Networkers