In March 2018, The Silverlining Charity and Beth Morris Workshops (sponsored by Stokes Case Management) introduced ‘Silvers Sketchers.’ We are now ready to share their remarkable artwork in a dedicated week-long exhibition at Insole Court Gallery.

The Exhibition:

Inspired by the mesmerizing historical beauty of Insole Court these new friends and fellow art lovers have produced some mind-blowing art work over the last few months, and can’t wait to show the public what they have achieved. The exhibition will run from Monday 25th June to Sunday 1st July.

Some of the Silver Sketchers had never drawn before, some had to learn to paint with their left hand as they were right-handed before their brain injuries, whilst others have to re-train their brains to focus on copying the simplest of objects. The Art Club focuses on art as a therapeutic activity for health and well-being. The artistic results in such a short time of learning are pretty incredible! The Silver Sketchers weekly workshops are lively with great conversation and banter.

Private View/Press Launch

Please join us on Wednesday 27th June 2018, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, to enjoy our private viewing. During the private view, the artists will be happy to share stories of living with brain injury and how ‘Silver Sketchers’ has helped them to socialise and embrace their newfound creativity.

Stokes Case Management:

Stokes Case Management is the official sponsor of this workshop currently funding the sessions so the Silver Sketchers can access the group free of charge. Rhiannon Stokes is also the lead for The Silverlining Charity in Wales.

Beth Morris Workshops:

Beth runs inspiring workshops for adults and children specialising in drawing, art, fashion illustration and textiles. In her studio based in The Dairy at Insole Court, Beth uses her experience as a former lecturer and worldwide-published author to motivate others to reach their own creative potentials. Beth is also the mum of 3 children and a Brown Owl!

Contact Us Today:

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please email Rhiannon at