Becoming an Affiliated Solicitor

With strict inclusion criteria, we have limited Affiliation to a small pool of firms who are truly committed to supporting brain injured clients throughout the claims process and beyond. To ensure our processes are transparent, we are happy to share what it takes to become part of The Silverlining Charity Affiliated Solicitors Scheme.

Firstly, firms are required to demonstrate their expertise and experience in the field of brain injury law. We believe a strong track record of success is a key indicator of future successes.

It is also exceptionally important to us that all of our partners treat clients, and those around them, fairly and work hard to get the best possible results for all parties. All Affiliated firms must commit to following only the best legal practices.

In addition, all firms must show their commitment to the brain injury community by undertaking voluntary work with and otherwise supporting The Silverlining Charity. They must show true dedication to improving quality of life after brain injury.

To guarantee we work with only the best brain injury specialists, the Affiliated Solicitors Scheme application process requires firms to:

  • Confirm their commitment to equal rights and access
  • Provide evidence of a high level of professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Provide evidence of a robust, fair and open complaints procedure
  • Commit to a strict code of conduct
  • Provide evidence of a strong track record of successful brain injury representation
  • Provide evidence of professional accreditations
  • Consider cases from across England and Wales
  • Commit to offering prospective clients free no-obligation consultations
  • Commit to undertaking voluntary work and otherwise contributing to the work of The Silverlining Charity

All applications are individually assessed by our board of trustees, which includes experts in the field of brain injury. Only the best and most committed brain injury specialists will be invited to join the Scheme.

If you are interested in becoming part of The Silverlining Charity Affiliated Solicitors Scheme please email We will be happy to assess your eligibility for membership.

Our Affiliated Firms