Why We Are Here

In the UK, every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury. Brain injuries have the potential to impact every aspect of life and, due to the complexities of the brain, every injury and recovery is unique.

The impacts of brain injury are not limited to an individual. Their effects are also felt by friends, family members, work colleagues, professionals and the wider community. The Silverlining Charity helps to rebuild and support the lives of all those affected by and living with brain injury. The Silverlining Charity helps to encourage a social support network for the injured, their family members, and the wider community while supporting projects to promote purpose and a sense of direction to a very skilled group of individuals.

Our mission

We take a fresh and exciting approach to brain injury support. Our work engages brain injured people with the wider community in a way which invigorates, motivates, and rehabilitates. We aim to enable those affected by brain injury (Silverliners) to rediscover a sense of purpose, direction and meaning as well as educating the public to the plight of those affected. Our conviction is that our objectives can be achieved through supporting purposeful projects, challenges and activities which benefit both the individual and the wider community.

Who we support

The Silverlining Charity support adults who have sustained a brain injury, their family members and their carers. Our services are also open to professionals and volunteers who are keen to learn, support and get involved. We understand the effects of brain injury and so create activities, events and environments that are inclusive and look to enable all.

How we support people

All of our services are designed to offer the clinical benefits of continued and collaborative physical and cognitive rehabilitation in a community setting where our members are able to develop a sense of purpose, pride and direction after brain injury. We currently run a wide range of different fun social activities and services across our groups. All of our activities are designed to be suitable and open to all and they are offered to our members either free of charge or at cost price.

These include:

  • Monthly semi-formal roundtable meetings allowing brain injury survivors, friends and family, professionals and volunteers to come together as equals. They are a great place to discuss recent activities, exchange advice, and support one another.
  • Regular social activities are run to the tastes, needs and passions of the local groups. All social activities are run in a safe community setting. Many activities give members fun chances to take part in the organisation of the events to help develop key skills and take ownership of a project.
  • Fundraising initiatives allowing members to raise funds for each groups Charity of the Year, a registered charity close to the hearts of the group members.
  • One-off and seasonable opportunities offer our members the chance to experience something new, break boundaries and expand and reinforce their social networks.
  • International opportunities and projects which make our service provision truly unique. We are proud to have offered international opportunities suitable for all abilities including. This includes four Charity missions to Namibia and two Skiing trips. While we do not cover funding to allow members to take part in these occasions we are happy to support our members to raise funds with fundraising packs, ideas, support and publicity.
  • Arranging and facilitating inspirational educational initiatives developed and presented by members to community groups.

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler. To become a member of The Silverlining Charity and start attending events,  you simply need to complete a short online membership form. You can find our online membership forms within our ‘Contact Us’ section. Should you wish to assist someone with their membership you are welcome to complete a membership form on their behalf or complete a fuller referral form. Once we have received your membership paperwork we will welcome you to The Silverlining Charity and let you know more details about events and activities in your area. While membership is free, we ask that all those who can, make a small regular donation to support our work.

Should you be interested in volunteering to support our work or are looking to fundraise with us, you can complete a volunteer form online or get in touch through our ‘Contact Us’ page.